Banglalink Desh 10 FNF Prepaid Package – Tariff, Migration & Offers

Banglalink is introducing 10 FNF package, where you are eligible to enjoy 6 paisa/10 seconds to one special banglalink number and11 paisa/10 seconds to 9 fnf (any operator).Just follow the below instructions and enjoy Banglalink Desh 10 FNF Prepaid Package.

How to Migrate Banglalink 10 FNF Prepaid Package?
To migate Banglalink 10 FNF Prepaid Package just dial *999*1*112# (free).

Package highlights:
➠ Enjoy 9 fnf to any operator with call rates as low as 11 paisa/10 second
➠ Call 1 special fnf at lowest 6 paisa/10 second
➠ 10 second pulse applicable.
➠ Sd, vat and sc will be applicable.

Banglalink Desh 10 FNF Package Call Rates:

➠ Banglalink to Banglalink – 24 hours – 27 Paisa/sec
➠ Banglalink and other operator fnf – 12 am to 4 pm – 11 Paisha/sec
➠ Banglalink and other operator fnf – 4 pm to 12 am – 15 Paisha/sec
➠ Banglalink to other operators 24 hours – 28.67 Paisha/sec
➠ Super FNF – 12 am to 4 pm – 6 Paisha/sec
➠ Super FNF – 4 pm to 12 am – 7 Paisha/sac

➠ All local sms – 24 hours – 50 Paisha/sms

➠ Other operators (robi) – 24 hours – 5 Paisha/sms


1. How can i enjoy this package?
Ans: If you are a prepaid customer (except e-voucher), you can enjoy this package just by dialing *999*1*112# (free).

2. How many fnf & special fnf can i set?
Ans: You can add 10 numbers of any local mobile operator as fnf and 1 banglalink user as special fnf.

3. How can i add fnf and special fnf?
Ans: To add fnf dial *166*11*number#.  add special fnf by dialing *166*7*number#.

4. How can i replace fnf and special fnf?
Ans: To replace fnf number dial *166*12*old number*new number#. replace special fnf number by dialing *166*8*old number*new number#.

5. How can i check my current fnf and special fnf numbers?
Ans: To check fnf number dial *166*14# and to check special fnf number dial *166*10#.

6. How can i remove my current fnf or special fnf numbers?
Ans: To remove fnf number dial *166*13*number#, and to remove special fnf number dial *166*9*number#

7. Can i enjoy other offers from this package?
Ans: Yes, you can enjoy all other offers from this package.

8. How frequently can i change fnf?
Ans: You can change each fnf once every 15 days.

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