How To Deactivate or Cancel Robi Internet Auto Renewal Service

If you don't deactivate your robi internet auto renewal service then your remaining internet pack will repurchase automatically after the validity, how to cancel or stop robi internet auto renewal feature?

So, How to stop or cancel or deactivate robi internet auto renewal service or feature??

follow the below instructions

Step 1#
First dial *8444# and press send or call button

Step 2# 
From the menu choose ‘Review Current Plan’ and choose the plan you want to deactivate

Step 3#  
Select the serial Number of your activated auto renewal plan (4MB/2GB/3GB etc respective data plan active serial number)

Step 4# 
From the menu you can press (1) for ‘Temporary Cancel Plan’ and (2) for ‘Cancel Plan Subscription’

Step 5# 
Reply 2, Cancel Plan subscription, to cancel your Plan permanently

Note: If you ‘Cancel Plan Subscription’ then you will not be able to reactivate the plan. Instead you will have to repurchase the plan once again.

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