Robi Hoot Hut Chomok 32 Prepaid Packages Tariff

Welcome to Robi Hoot Hut Chomok 32 prepaid package.Robi offering you the best fnf flat rate tariff plan Hoot Hut Chomok 32 Robi/Airtel fnf 13p/sec and Robi/other fnf 13p/sec.You will get more information from below.

How to migrate Robi Hoot Hut Chomok 32 Package?
✅ Just dial *8999*32#

Hoot Hut Chomok Package Tariff:
  • Package name: Hoot Hut Chomok 32
  • Robi-Robi/Airtel tariff 11 paisa /10 sec and Robi-other operator tariff 21 paisa/ 10 sec
  • FnF: 13p/10sec to 3 Robi/Airtel FnF numbers & 2 other local operator(s) FnF numbers
  • For international calls, International charge and pulse applicable
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • SD,VAT & SC applicable in all charges
  • Migration: Free dial *8999*32#

Short Format:

Tariff Plan Hoot Hut Chomok
Robi-Robi/Airtel Tariff 11p/ 10 sec
Robi – other operator Tariff 21p/10sec
Robi/Airtel FnF (3) 13p/10 sec flat
Other FnF (2) 13p/10 sec flat
Migration Free dial *8999*32#
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