Robi Shorol 39 Prepaid Package Tariff

Welcome to Robi Shorol prepaid package.Robi Shorol pack is offering you the best flat rate 22p/10 sec to any local number, 24 hours.Non-stop conversation : Talk at only 5p / 10 sec with one "Priyo" Robi and Airtel number!

How to migrate Goti 36 Prepaid Package?

✔ Just dial *8999*39#

Robi Shorol Package Call Rate Tariff:
  • Package name: Robi Shorol 39
  • Robi-Robi/Airtel tariff 22 paisa /10 sec
  • Robi-other operator tariff 22 paisa/ 10 sec
  • Pulse: 10 second
  • SD,VAT & SC applicable in all charges
  • Migration: Free dial *8999*39#
Short Form:

Tariff Plan Shorol 39
Robi-Robi/Airtel Tariff 22p/ 10 sec
Robi – other operator Tariff 22p/10sec
Robi/Airtel Priyo (3) 5p/10 sec
Pulse 10 sec
Migration Free dial *8999*32#

if you have any questions about Robi Shorol 39 Prepaid Package, just comment we will replay you shortly.

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